I Need a Voice Recording App

I take notes. A lot of notes, but it’s not always possible to write down what I’m thinking. I need a voice recording app.

Celeste Wilson
2 min readMay 25, 2022


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An Anti-Crash Tool Please

I can’t predict when an idea will smack my mind.

What I can predict, is that I’ll forget the details if I don’t record it somewhere. It happened today while I was driving home. After I saw a really unique garden decoration, I ‘wrote’ the entire article in my head but by the time I got home it was fuzzy at best.

I considered scratching around the glove compartment for a pen and paper, but logical brain stopped my creative brain as I leaned over.

Logic: “Have you lost your mind?”

Creative: “Weeelll?”

Logic: “Never mind. Stupid question. You can’t take your eyes off the road to scratch for pen and paper. You need a voice recorder app.”

Creative: “I’m going to forget this incredible idea about flowers planted in three denims. We just drove passed it. Did you see it?”

Logic: “Pull over and stop the car.”

Creative listened and pulled over. Then she fished for her phone and looked for a voice recording app on the play store. There are so many!

Creative: “I don’t know which one to choose?”

Logic: “Yeah, me neither.”

Creative: “You’re supposed to be the smart one!”

Logic: “Oh for Pete's sake! Take a picture of the denim-flowerpot-thing and let’s go home. We’ll research the apps. I’ll admit. It’s a cute idea.”

Creative: “Told you so.”

Logic: “Sigh.”

Help Logic Out Please

Since Creative is technologically challenged and logic is stumped, does anyone have a recommendation for a voice app on an android phone.

Having a voice recorder on my phone will help Logic relax when Creative is driving. :0)

Thank you very much.

Thank you



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